Julie Phillips, Author at Conference and Hospitality Show, Leeds, 30th April 2019

Julie Phillips

Communications Manager

What’s your name, job title and what do you do?

Julie Phillips, communications manager. I look after all things marketing and comms…I like to make things look pretty!!

Why did you become an event organiser?

I fell into the industry and never left.  Once I’d organised my first conference I was hooked – knackered but hooked!

What’s been the best event you’ve worked on?

Well apart from the Conference and Hospitality Show the one that stands out for me is managing the 2010 Gateshead Digital Summer which was run by Gateshead Council and Codeworks. Seven weeks across the summer of digital events for the general public, digital industry, local school children and school-leavers held in venues across Gateshead: events which celebrated the digital age.

What’s your biggest niggle about working in events industry?

People who don’t do what they say they will do! (but that’s a general niggle)

What gets you out of bed in the morning?

Mug of tea and if there is no tea….I’m staying in bed!

If money where no object what would you do?

Build my own home in the UK and Dubai

If you could change places with a Rockstar – which one would it be and why?

Sia…what an amazing fringe and voice of course

What’s your Rockstar rider?

A back and shoulder massage, good Wi-Fi access and access to social media,  prawn cocktail Seabrook crisps, mugs of tea with milk and one sugar on tap and  Game of Thrones boxset. ROCK N ROLL RIGHT THERE FOLKS!!!

Julie’s song to get her out of bed

What makes a Rockstar event organiser?

Someone who loves the detail, who is organised, has the best little black book of venues and suppliers in town and is calm when everything is going wrong.

What one piece of advice would you give to other organisers?

Create an experience, surprise your attendees and always make them smile.

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