Liz Taylor - Conference and Hospitality Show, Leeds, 30th April 2019

Liz Taylor

Future of Event Design

  • 2:00pm - 2:20pm
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As it’s our 10th Anniversary we are inviting back speakers who have rocked our speaker stage over the last 9years…Liz is definitely one of those speakers and we’re glad to invite her back for CHS19!

With over 30 years of experience in event management, the founder and MD of the Taylor Lynn Corporation, Liz Taylor, shares why her holistic approach to exclusive event design has been a success. Venue to entertainment. Catering to décor. Each element a part of the event journey.  Combined with theatrical production and a keen eye for detail.  Brought together to tell the unique story of the event. From brand launch to private celebration.  A TLC event experience from beginning to end.

A key part of the event industry’s development, Liz explores key changes influences and changes in event design across three key areas, and what we can expect to see in the future:

Theming: Creative since the outset, Liz shares how ‘theming’ of events has developed over the last 30 years, to focus less on themes and more on creating a stylish ‘journey’ for guests. Immersing them in the experience of the event; whether it be influenced by a corporate brand, movie or fashion.

Entertainment: From the DJ of the 70s, tribute acts of the 80s, Pop Idol contestants of the 90s to party bands of the 00s, we look ahead to a more eclectic range of entertainers.  Artists immersed in the audience. Surprise elements that place the spotlight on talented artists of all kinds.

Catering: The trend for less formal catering forges ahead.  Catering merging with theatre. Why innovative, creative presentation key. How you can make food and drink a key aspect of the design for your event.

At the heart of all of these elements – and the biggest trend in event design – creating a sense of anticipation.  Delivering the unexpected. More than just dropping a false wall between reception and party – Liz explores why this is increasingly about generating a sense of engagement with the attendees from the beginning, to curtain call.


Liz Taylor has been at the forefront of the events industry for over 30 years. An entrepreneur at heart, she is an advocate for creating events that push back the boundaries of event design, technology and presentation, but is also a pioneer in a business sector that has grown from fledgling enterprise, to a multi-billion-pound global industry.

Ambitious from the start, Liz launched her own company, Liz Taylor Associates, in 1985 and began the long road to persuading leading corporate companies that an event planner could enhance their business.  She joined forces with industry colleague Dianne Lynn to form the Taylor Lynn Corporation in 1995 creating a successful team that was to last until 2008, when Liz managed an amicable partnership buy-out.  That same year TLC bucked the recession by topping the £4M turnover mark.  

Entertaining. Innovative. Inspiring. TLC works with top corporate and celebrity names to stage spectacular business and private events. The portfolio includes leading blue chip, sports and media businesses.  

In 2015, she gave cameras unrivalled behind-the-scenes access to some of her events, the Taylor Lynn Corporation’s (TLC) exclusive clients and her team of hand-picked suppliers, who deliver private and corporate events right across the UK and Europe. The result was the hit Channel 4 show, ‘Millionaire Party Planner’ which won the National Reality Television Award for Best Business Show.  Liz also appeared on BBC Three’s ‘Working Girls’ programme, mentoring a young unemployed woman back into employment, something that she is passionate to encourage.

Liz sits on the Business and Enterprise Advisory Board at Manchester Metropolitan University Business School, and is a recipient of the Manchester Evening News Business of the Year Award and a Legend of Industry Award from Variety, the Children’s Charity.